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These Are the Top Kitchen Hardware Trends for 2024, According to Experts



After the cabinets are painted and the fancy new appliances are installed, there's one final element that can tie an entire kitchen's design together: kitchen hardware. No matter your style, it's the finishing touch that makes the room look and feel finished. However, choosing the right kitchen hardware for your home isn't easy. First, you have to pick a finish: brass, chrome, nickel, bronze, gold—the possibilities are practically endless. Then you have to think about shape. Whether you opt for classic round knobs or more utilitarian and practical pulls, the hardware you choose can totally transform your kitchen cabinetry.


"Kitchen hardware plays a crucial role in both functionality and aesthetics, serving as the crown jewel that can elevate the overall look of the kitchen while providing ease of use," says Charleston-based designer Margaret Donaldson of MDI Luxury Design. Despite being a small detail, hardware is no throwaway decision. Designer Genevieve Lake of Love Lake Studio agrees. "You can have the simplest cabinetry and with the right hardware you have the look of a luxury kitchen."


Like paint colors, countertop materials, and lighting, kitchen hardware is subject to the rise and fall of interior design trends. Polished brass just had a moment thanks to cottagecore and the popularity of vintage accents, while Shaker-style wood knobs were all the rage in 2020 and 2021 due to a demand for Scandinavian simplicity and painted wooden cabinets. Whether your style leans industrial or farmhouse, minimalist or modern, there's a kitchen hardware trend in 2024 to suit it. Below, kitchen hardware experts and interior designers offer their insights on what's trending now and predict what's up next.