October 14-17, 2024 Hall 1 & 2, PWTC Expo, Guangzhou, China


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Guangzhou, famed for its Cantonese cuisine, offers a delightful food experience. Here, you can savor the art of dim sum during traditional tea times and explore street food markets alive with the aroma of grilled delicacies and sweet desserts. Each dish is a testament to the city's rich culinary tradition, making any meal in Guangzhou a flavorful adventure


1. Cantonese dishes


White-cut chicken


White-cut chicken is a type of Cantonese chicken dish that began in the Qing Dynasty. It is made by boiling the chicken without adding any ingredients and keeping the original flavor. It has a tender, light and delicious taste. Bring mustard and soy sauce with you.




Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef


The dishes are made of sprouts, rice noodles, beef and other ingredients. The beef is tender and charred, the rice noodles are smooth and chewy, and the ingredients are diverse. The food is delicious and rich in texture.




Shrimp dumplings


Traditional snacks in Guangdong Province have a history of hundreds of years. The fillings include shrimp, meat, bamboo shoots, etc. High-quality and delicious shrimp dumplings must have thin and soft skin, preferably translucent.




●Siu Mei


Siu Mei is a kind of barbecue food in Cantonese cuisine. The BBQ dishes include soy sauce chicken, barbecued pork, roasted pork, suckling pig, roasted duck, roasted goose, etc. Among them, roast goose is a classic, oily and shiny, golden in color and delicious.




Claypot rice


There are more than 20 flavors of Cantonese claypot rice. Claypot rice needs to be cooked over slow fire, and the rice should be Thai fragrant rice with moderate hardness and softness, and then add various seasonings and ingredients to create a delicious dish.




Steamed Vermicelli Roll


Steamed Vermicelli Roll is a must-have snack in Guangdong teahouses. The rice rolls are as white as snow and crystal clear. It tastes smooth and delicious, delicate with a little bit of toughness, and the taste is rich in layers.






"Crispy-skinned squab" has the characteristics of crispy skin, tender meat, bright red color, and delicious taste. Regular consumption can make the body strong.




Barbecue pork buns


Barbecued pork buns are a popular snack loved by Guangzhou people. A good barbecued pork bun has moderately fat and thin fillings and a white and soft dough.




2. Specialty Cantonese restaurants

The traditional Cantonese dishes introduced above can be tasted in the following restaurants.


Bing Sheng PinWei (ZhuJiangXinCheng Flagship Store)


The interior decoration of the restaurant uses a large number of Lingnan style elements, which complements the surrounding modern-style high-rise buildings.




Guangzhou Restaurant


The Cantonese cuisine restaurant, founded in 1935, adheres to the essence of traditional Guangdong food culture and creates traditional Cantonese cuisine.





Li Yuan Restaurant


A catering brand founded in 1973, the interior decoration is elegant and stylish. The restaurant specializes in new Cantonese cuisine, and its stable production will make you come back for more.





PanXi Restaurant


With over 70 years of history, Panxi stands on manicured grounds by the lake, which spans across 10,000 square metres. It also boasts 15 banquet halls and tens of private rooms. The food is equally enchanting: signature roast goose is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The shop next door offers preservative-free snacks made in-house, such as baked pork cake.




Tao Tao Ju (Ya Yuan)


This upscale brand of the restaurant group values exclusivity; its private rooms are perfect for power lunches or friendly get-togethers. The décor features a rose gold and olive green palette, punctuated by Lingnan architectural motifs.




●​​​​​​​Shang Dian Dim Sum


As the birthpalce of Cantonese cuisine, Guangzhou is one of the culinary meccas of China. This restaurant offers a top Cantonese culinary experience at a very reasonable price. Dim sum is the specialty here.




●​​​​​​​Yue Chinese Restaurant


Fine chinese cuisine served at this well designed restaurant. Oversize table for 10 with beautiful centre piece of sculptured art. Each single dish has its own signature presentation.





●​​​​​​​Nan Yuan Restaurant


This is a long-standing institution that boasts a classical landscaped garden complete with pavilions, bridges and water features. Dining rooms are adorned with colourful Manchurian windows that frame the views nicely. The food is mostly Cantonese, with occasional offerings from other provinces.





3. Other cuisines


●​​​​​​​Dalongyi hot pot


Authentic Chongqing hot pot, specialties include fresh duck blood, special fresh pig throat, and fresh duck intestines with annual sales of 100,000 copies.





Brave Star·Hunan Cuisine


This Hunan restaurant is famous locally. The super stir-fried pork is the main dish, spicy and delicious.





●​​​​​​​Prego (Italian food)


The decoration of the restaurant is full of Western romantic atmosphere, and you can overlook the panoramic view of Tianhe when sitting by the window.

Address:  6 Lin He Zhong Road, The Westin Guangzhou, Guangzhou 510610 China





●​​​​​​​Le hachoir Guangzhou (French food)


A French bistro with a romantic atmosphere.





●​​​​​​​Nadaman (Japanese food)


The restaurant features an interior that combines Japanese tea room and academy style. It specializes in kaiseki cuisine, using imported seafood imported from Japan, and enjoys a beautiful view of the Pearl River.





●​​​​​​​MORGAN'S(British food)


A long-established British restaurant in Guangzhou.





Li's Korean Cuisine(Korean food)


Enjoy delicious kimchi pancakes at the terrace restaurant.





ZE’VERO (Italian food)


A wonderful dining experience, as if you were in an Italian alley.







Canton Tower


The Canton Tower stands at the intersection of Guangzhou’s new urban central and the Pearl River scenery zone.The Tower offers an observation deck with a spectacular view, several top-notch restaurants and catering services, 5-star exhibition, convention and entertainment facilities.




●​​​​​​​Chen Clan Ancestral Hall


A must-see attraction, with a history of more than 100 years and still in its original shape. The buildings are famous for their exquisite and mythical decorations, such as the brick carvings of historic figures. The temple also functions as a museum under the auspices of Guangdong Folk Arts Museum, exhibiting a variety of folk arts and crafts.




●​​​​​​​Guangdong Museum


Guangdong Museum is one of the three most famous museums in China. There are many stunning pieces of art, sculptures, other artifacts.




●​​​​​​​Museum of the Western Han Dynasty Mausoleum of the Nanyue King


The Mausoleum Museum of the Nanyue King contains the most ancient and largest Han dynasty tomb. There are many fine relics on display, including jade carvings, burial shrouds, porcelain pillows, and more.




●​​​​​​​Sacred Heart Cathedral


Get away from all the noise in Guangzhou and experience the calm atmosphere exuded by this impressive twin-spired Roman Catholic cathedral.




Shamian Island


This lovely, tree-lined neighborhood bordering the Pearl River was once home to foreign merchants, and today is a laid-back area ideal for strolling or stopping for a meal or cup of tea.




●​​​​​​​Baiyun Mountain


Baiyun Mountain is one of Guangzhou's more famous trekking spots. It consists of more than 30 peaks that stretch far and near, with the main peak at Moxingling overlooking the whole of Guangzhou from above.




●​​​​​​​Pearl River Night Cruise


The Pearl River, including tributaries of the Dongjiang, Xijiang and Beijiang rivers, merges into the Guangzhou section of the river, and at night, the turquoise water is full of colour and the lanterns shine brightly, making the scenery very charming.




●​​​​​​​Chimelong Paradise


Chimelong Paradise has several large-scale amusement facilities, such as the Ten Ring Roller Coaster, Vertical Roller Coaster, and Super Big Pendulum, where you can feel the thrilling experience with your little ones.






Taikoo Hui


With a total floor area of approximate 138,000 sqm meters, the mall at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou is home to over 180 brands, including internationally acclaimed brands, sophisticated lifestyle boutiques and exquisite cuisines and restaurants, more than 70 of which are making their debut in Guangzhou.




●​​​​​​​Parc Central


Situated in the centre of the Tianhe District and boasting mostly a selection of clothing, cafes & food. Also boasts the Apple Store in Guangzhou, and Porsche & Tesla show rooms. Stylish venue, not as crowded with other malls, all quality dining & targeting the mid age fashionista. Is a great place for regular hangout.




●​​​​​​​Grandview Mall


A mall that comes with a "AAAA tourist attraction" label. There are many good eating places - a variety of restaurants that cover the cuisines of the various regions/ zones in Guangdong.There are even aquariums, rainforests, science centre houses within the building. Very accessible by public transport.




Guangzhou K11 Art Mall


K11 Guangzhou brings together representative international fashion brands and world-renowned designer labels for art, entertainment and dining.




●​​​​​​​Tianhui igc


Tianhui igc is one of Guangzhou's hottest upscale shopping malls. It has seven floors of domestic and international boutique brands, the largest flagship shop of Paragon Cinema in South China, and on the top floor there is the only river-view duplex restaurant and viewing platform garden in Guangzhou.




●​​​​​​​GT Land Plaza


GT Land Plaza is a very large commercial project located in Zhujiang New Town. It is divided into four plazas: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. They are on both sides of Huacheng Plaza and can be connected internally.




●​​​​​​​Beijing Road Ancient Avenue


Beijing Road is one of the most prosperous pedestrian streets in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. It is nice place for shopping or taking snack.