October 14-17, 2024 Hall 1 & 2, PWTC Expo, Guangzhou, China


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Hardware and Tools

Hardware/tools:Hand tools (traditional hand tools, explosion-proof tools, auto maintenance tools, garden tools, tool bags, measuring tools)、Power tools and accessories Pneumatic tools and accessories、Mechanical equipment (carpentry, spraying, hydraulics, packaging, cleaning, gardening and plant protection, lifting and slinging)、Mechanical and electrical products (pumps, valves, air compressors, motors, generators, bearings)、Welding equipment (electric welding, gas welding, laser welding, brazing, hot melt welding, welding materials and accessories)、Abrasive tools (abrasives, cutting tools, diamond products)、Hardware products (building supplies, decorative hardware, doors and windows, water heating systems, kitchen and bathroom hardware, casters, standard fasteners and miscellaneous hardware)、 Other products (workplace safety, gift hardware)


Electrical/lighting:Bulbs and lamps, lamp fittings、Electrical apparatus、Indoor lighting、Outdoor lighting、 Industrial lighting、LED lighting equipment、Energy-saving lighting equipment and accessories、Solar lamps, solar systems and accessories、Low-voltage electrical appliances (electric lamps, wires, sockets, switch panels, electric light sources, LED lamps, materials and accessories)


Pipeline facilities:PVC pipes, CPVC pipes, copper pipes, zinc-iron pipes, pig iron pipes, shower hoses、Pumps, pressure pumps, multistage pumps, automatic sprinklers、Circulating water systems, drainage systems, hydraulic systems, pipeline systems


HVAC air conditioning systems:Ventilation and air purification equipment、Air conditioners and support equipment、Refrigeration, freezing and cold chain technology and equipment、Building automation and system integration technology

Home Hardware

Daily/decorative hardware:Daily hardware (scissors, tape measures, art knives, clothes hangers, folding ladders, clothes stands)、Decorative hardware (hinges, handles, slide rails, door stoppers)、Home accessories (creative ornaments, decorative string lights and accessories)


Bathroom hardware/supplies:Bathroom hardware (stainless steel toothbrush holders, soap boxes, towel bars, bath towel holders, clothes hooks, toilet paper holders)、Storage products (stainless steel shelves, bathroom cabinets)


Kitchen hardware/supplies:Kitchen hardware (hanging baskets, sinks, faucets and accessories, hooks, shelves)、Cooking utensils (knives, spatulas and spoons)、Storage supplies (storage boxes, fresh-keeping boxes, drain racks)

Outdoor Products

Gardening supplies:Irrigation equipment, ice melting tools、Landscaping tools, lawn pruning tools


Barbecue utensils:Barbecue ovens, car BBQs and charcoal BBQs、Barbecue accessories (scissors, barbecue tongs, charcoal clips, baking trays)


Outdoor and leisure products:Outdoor equipment、Outdoor camping and accessories、Outdoor food storage (refrigerators, portable ice coolers and safes)


Outdoor energy storage:Portable energy storage products、RV energy storage products


Sports equipment:Water sports、Ice and snow sports and equipment、Outdoor sports products and accessories

Home Appliances(Small Appliances)

Bathroom appliances:Electric water heaters (water storage type, instant heating type and others)、Gas water heaters and heating systems、Heat pump water heaters and heating systems、Solar water heaters, air conditioners and hot water systems、Smart toilets、Other bathroom appliances (tankless water heaters and bathroom heaters)


Health and beauty electricals:Hairdressing products (hair dryers, hair clippers, curling irons)、Beauty care (beauty instruments, facial cleansers, electric shavers, hair removal tools)、Dental care (electric toothbrushes, tooth washers)、Healthcare devices (blood pressure monitors, temperature monitoring/body fat measuring devices, massage chairs, foot bath devices)、Sports and health equipment (treadmills, walking machines, fascia guns, home fitness equipment)、Others (personal care) electrical appliances


Kitchen appliances (household):Food preparation appliances 1 (soymilk machines, noodle machines, oil presses, yogurt machines, high-speed blenders)、Food preparation appliances 2 (meat grinders, egg cookers, egg beaters, bean sprout machines)、Food cooking appliances 1 (microwave ovens, electric steamers, electric ovens, micro-steaming and baking machines)、Food cooking appliances 2 (induction cookers, electric frying pans, electric hot pots, electric baking pans, air fryers, others)、Other food processing appliances (toasters, sandwich ovens, electric heating plates, automatic bread makers, others)、Multifunctional food processing machines (cooking machines, stand mixers)、Electrical appliances for water and beverage processing (coffee machines, health pots, tea makers, decocting pots, electric kettles)、Range hoods (deep, European, side suction, others), exhaust fans、Gas ranges, electromagnetic ranges, electric ranges, gas/electric ranges, integrated ranges, others、Sanitary appliances (kitchen waste disposers, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, dryers, water purifiers)、Other small kitchen appliances (fruit and vegetable washing machines, rice cookers, electric pressure cookers)


Domestic appliances:Cleaning appliances 1 (vacuum cleaners, mite removers, floor polishers, robot sweepers)、Cleaning appliances 2 (floor washers, steam mops, steam cleaners, fabric cleaners, window cleaning robots)、Electric fans (tower fans, desk fans, floor fans)、Electric heating appliances (electric oil heaters, mobile floor heaters, electric heaters, electric blankets, quilt warmers)、Electric irons, garment steamers, ironing care equipment、Other smart small appliances (electric clothes drying poles, portable clothes dryers, electronic scales)


Air and water solutions:Water purifiers, water softeners, water dispensers、Air purifiers, humidifiers、Other domestic water processing equipment、Fresh air systems and other air and water solutions